Waste Recycling Machine and Waste Recycling Plant Manufacturer

3E Machinery Co., Ltd. offers a vast selection of waste recycling equipment that ranges from single machines, such as industrial shredders and granulators, up to large scale waste recycling plants. Backed by our broad and deep experience in the filed of waste processing and recycling, we are now able to provide worldwide customers with custom waste recycling solutions in addition to these waste recycling machinery standard available on our current product list. Through over a decade efforts, we have installed our industrial paper shredders, plastic shredders, metal shredders, tyre recycling plants, cable recycling plants, scrap metal recycling equipment, etc. all over the world.

    1. Single Shaft Shredder

      The single shaft shredder offers a great solution for recycling various solid wastes, including rubber wastes, plastic wastes, PET bottles, cardboard paper, printed circuit boards, waste wood, plastic buckets, power cables, and more.

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    1. Double Shaft Shredder

      Split type bearing block is adopted so the blades in the double shaft shredder can be changed easily. This industrial shredder is suitable for shredding demanding materials such as: TV sets, washing machines, aluminum, copper, and iron with a thickness less than 5 mm.

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    1. Four Shaft Shredder

      The four shaft shredder is fit for shredding large and hard objects such as car, waste tire, waste electronic parts, plastic pail, plastic frame, plastic bottle, metal can, metal pail, intertexture bag, fridge, electric circuit board, paper box and so on.

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    1. Granulator

      The granulator is one of our most popular styles of industrial waste recycling machines. It is often used after our waste shredders to further reduce the size of plastic, metal and rubber wastes.

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    1. Tyre Recycling Plant

      Our line of tyre recycling plants is mainly for waste tires with a diameter of 400-3000 mm. The production capacity reaches 200-10,000 kg/h, while the granules’ diameter is 5-100 mesh.

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    1. Plastic Film Recycling Line

      This plastic film recycling line is designed especially for the recycling of agricultural PE/PP films sticking lots of soil and other impurities. The recycling capacity is as high as 300-2000 kg/h.

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    1. Scrap Car Recycling Line

      Primarily designed for scrap car recycling purpose, the scrap metal recycling plant adopts a specially designed heavy duty metal shredder for the preliminary crushing, and a horizontal heavy-duty crusher for further process.

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    1. Fridge Recycling Line

      This selection of scrap metal recycling plant is mainly designed for fridge recycling purpose, and integrates crushing, separation and collection functions. It only applies to refrigerators with Freon and compressor being removed.

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