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    1. Industrial Shredder by Structure

      According to structure design, our industrial shredders is classified into single shaft, double-shaft, and four-shaft versions. They are often used in waste recycling industry for shredding paper, plastic, wood and scrap metal.

    1. Single Shaft Shredder

      The single shaft shredder offers a great solution for recycling various solid wastes, including rubber wastes, plastic wastes, PET bottles, cardboard paper, printed circuit boards, waste wood, plastic buckets, power cables, and more.

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    1. Double Shaft Shredder

      Split type bearing block is adopted so the blades in the double shaft shredder can be changed easily. This industrial shredder is suitable for shredding demanding materials such as: TV sets, washing machines, aluminum ...

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    1. Four Shaft Shredder

      The four shaft shredder is fit for shredding large and hard objects such as car, waste tire, waste electronic parts, plastic pail, plastic frame, plastic bottle, metal can, metal pail, intertexture bag, fridge, electric circuit board, paper box and so on.

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    1. Industrial Shredder by Application

      The WTPH series plastic pipe shredder has obtained the design patent and CE certification. It is mainly used for the plastic pipes which are hard to be crushed by common plastic shredders.

    1. Plastic Pipe ShredderThe WTPH series plastic pipe shredder has obtained the design patent and CE certification. It is mainly used for the plastic pipes which are hard to be crushed by common plastic shredders.
    1. Wood ShredderResembling small wood chippers in outer design, the wood shredder is specially designed according to the feature and the performance of wood, wood pallet and tree roots.
    1. Film Shredder, WTF SeriesThe film shredder is a kind of industrial shredder especially designed according to the twisting character of materials. It is suitable for shredding films and fibers with high efficiency.
    1. Film Shredder, SWTF SeriesSWTF series film shredder adopts double film shafts design that rotates a medium speed, it features of low noise and high efficient without pusher.
    1. Plastic GranulatorFirmly welded steel structure is used for casing the plastic granulator. The plastic pelletizer can be opened at the connecting position between the material container and the main structure of the machine, making it convenient to clean and remove the blades and maintain the machine.
    1. Vertical GranulatorThe vertical granulator has firmly welded steel structure and high manganese steel blade. It is a popular selection of scrap metal recycling machinery which serves to recycle thin-wall metal with thickness less than 8mm and then cluster these thin metal sheets into a ball.
    1. Heavy Duty GranulatorFirmly welded steel structure is used for the machine shell and supporting rack of the heavy duty granulator, which allows the waste recycling equipment to process and recycle material that is difficult to crush.
    1. Hammer MillThe ZP series hammer mill features of sturdy welded structure, its blade is made of high manganese steel, so it has high toughness and impact resistance. This milling machine is used to crush scrap metal (steel, iron, aluminium), household appliances, electronic waste, circuit board, gypsum board, etc.
    1. DebeaderAs one of the components of our waste tyre recycling plant, the debeader form 3E Machinery can effectively retrieve the steel wires around the tire bead to protect the two shaft shredder and its blade from being damaged.
    1. Tire ShredderThe tire shredder is a kind of double shaft shredder which is able to tear waste tires into pieces with a size of 50×50 mm or above for further treatment. This tire recycling equipment comes with a variety of models.
    1. Magnetic Separator The magnetic separator is one of the key components of our waste tire recycling plant. It is used for the separation of steel wire from the rubber granules by its powerful magnetic field.
    1. RasperVarious product configurations. As a kind of tire recycling machine, the rasper is often used after tire shredder to produce smaller rubber granules. The production capacity comes with 400-4000 kg/h.
    1. Vibrating Screen The vibrating screen is mainly used for the screening of the mixture of rubber and fiber after the rubber material is crushed by the rubber granulator.
    1. Rubber Granulator The tire recycling machine supports input rubber granules less than 20 mm in diameter, while the output rubber granules are 5-15 mesh. The production capacity of the rubber grinder is 300-1500 kg/h.
    1. ClassifierDesigned to help process and recycle waste tires, the classifier is used to separate the rubber and fiber from the material after the preliminary shredding.
    1. Grinding Mill As one of the components of our waste tire recycling system, the grinding mill can grind the rubber particles from 5-15 mesh to 40-80 mesh.
  • Cable Recycling PlantThe cable recycling plant is one of our waste recycling plants that are developed on our own. By processing waste cables, it offers a great solution for copper recycling and plastic recycling at the same time.
    1. Plastic Film Recycling Line

      This plastic film recycling line is designed especially for the recycling of agricultural PE/PP films sticking lots of soil and other impurities. The recycling capacity is as high as 300-2000 kg/h.

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    1. PET Bottle Recycling LineThe PET bottle recycling line is used for crushing, cleaning, separating of bottle cap and label, depriving of impurities and glue material, and drying for bottle plates. Then those discarded PET bottles will become reusing PET materials.
  • Scrap Car Recycling Line

    Primarily designed for scrap car recycling purpose, the scrap metal recycling plant adopts a specially designed heavy duty metal shredder for the preliminary crushing, and a horizontal heavy-duty crusher for further process.

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  • Fridge Recycling Line

    This selection of scrap metal recycling plant is mainly designed for fridge recycling purpose, and integrates crushing, separation and collection functions. It only applies to refrigerators with Freon and compressor being removed.

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  • Lead-acid Battery Recycling PlantWe developed the lead-acid battery recycling plant because the pollution caused by the battery recycling activities has been threatening our environment. But there are still so many small family-workshops are using the simplest way to recycle used lead-acid batteries, producing a lot of heavy metal pollution into our water and air.
  • Aluminium Recycling PlantThe aluminium recycling plant is designed to recycle aluminum from wasted aluminum composite panels. The recycling process consists of crushing, vortex grinding, pneumatic conveying, vibrating screening, screw conveyer, static separation and more.
  • Hazardous Waste Treatment Equipment3E hazardous waste treatment equipment features of good sealing and corrosion resistance. The blade of our crusher is made of high-strength low-alloy steel, it has advantages of strong abrasive resistance and high strength, etc. The screen mesh is convenient for disassembly and easy to maintenance, it can meet the crushing requirements of different hazardous waste.
  • PCB Board Recycling PlantElectronic waste is considered as urban mining. With the professional experience, Guangzhou 3E Machinery Company would like to provide our customers with the environmental solution for recycling the PCB-board.