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Industrial Shredder by Application
    1. Plastic Pipe ShredderThe WTPH series plastic pipe shredder has obtained the design patent and CE certification. It is mainly used for the plastic pipes which are hard to be crushed by common plastic shredders. This industrial shredding machine can be safely operated with high efficiency.
    1. Wood ShredderResembling small wood chippers in outer design, the wood shredder is specially designed according to the feature and the performance of wood, wood pallet and tree roots.
    1. Film Shredder, WTF SeriesThe film shredder is a kind of industrial shredder especially designed according to the twisting character of materials. It is suitable for shredding films and fibers with high efficiency. Clients can select the corresponding film shredder model according to the material size and quantity.
    1. Film Shredder, SWTF SeriesSWTF series film shredder adopts double film shafts design that rotates a medium speed, it features of low noise and high efficient without pusher.