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Lead-acid Battery Recycling Plant

We developed the lead-acid battery recycling plant because the pollution caused by the battery recycling activities has been threatening our environment. But there are still so many small family-workshops are using the simplest way to recycle used lead-acid batteries, producing a lot of heavy metal pollution into our water and air. This has become a more and more serious issue. Now, you can rely on our lead acid battery recycling plants to help reduce environmental impacts caused by waste batteries.

As one of our most popular styles of our waste recycling machinery, the lead-acid battery recycling plant includes the latest technologies which are developed completely by us. After a series of crushing and dissection operations, the battery recycling equipment can sort out diachylon, metal panel, heavy plastic, and so on. During the recycling process, in the first, the used lead-acid battery will be sliced by the cutting machine, then subjects to crushing system through the conveying machine automatically. The shredded particles will come into the hydrodynamic collection system. Because of the different density of different materials, this battery recycling plant will sort out the diachylon, metal panel, heavy plastic, and so on. In the electrolyze solution of the batteries, the acid solution will be deprived out and come into the acid-solution processing system.

The processing capacity of this battery recycling facility can reach 60-80 pcs/hour, and the battery recycling machine can start working without any treatment for used lead-acid batteries in advance, the size of the smashed particles is less than 80mm, the dissection efficiency is higher than 95%. The characteristic design including strip divided-screen is very convenient for maintenance.

All of the operations including crushing, cleaning, dissection and regaining the useful plastics and metals in the lead-acid batteries, can be finished automatically through our lead-acid battery recycling plant, avoiding direct harmfulness to operators' health when they contact with those poisonous materials. The exhaust of noxious substance is also reduced greatly, so is the environmental pollutions.

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