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Aluminium Recycling Plant
(Recycling Aluminum from Aluminum Composite Panels)

The aluminium recycling plant is designed to recycle aluminum from wasted aluminum composite panels. The recycling process consists of crushing, vortex grinding, pneumatic conveying, vibrating screening, screw conveyer, static separation and more. This aluminium recycling plant is typically suitable for anti-rust aluminum alloys (3000 and 5000 series) or 8011 aluminum alloy foils. While recycling scrap aluminum, the waste recycling plant also supports recycling plastics such as PE, PVC and PVDC from aluminum composite panels.

The characteristics of the aluminum recycling plant are as follows: simple operating and maintaining procedure, high production efficiency (100-1000 km/h), good crushing effect, highly efficient recycling, and high purity of the recycling aluminum (up to 99.9%). We have many types of similar aluminum recycling machine for customers to choose from.

Main Components of the Aluminium Recycling Plant

  • Aluminum-Plastic Separator
    It is used for separating and grinding the nonferrous metals.

    Power (Kw): 30.55
    Production Capacity (Kg): 100~500 (according to the material and clients' requirements)
    Dimension (mm): 2105 (L) x 800 (W) x 1153 (H)
    Voltage: 380 V/50 Hz customizable

  • Aluminum Shredder
    It is used for shredding aluminum, thus facilitating the proceeding of the following step in the aluminium recycling plant.

    Power (Kw): 7.5
    Production Capacity: 100~500 (according to clients' requirements)
    Dimension (mm): 935 (L) x 730 (W) x 1705 (H)
    Voltage: 380V/50Hz (cutomizable)

  • Rotary Screen

    It is used for the preliminary separation of aluminium from plastic according to the difference of density.The production capacity could reach 1000Kg/h.

    Power (Kw): 1.5
    Production Capacity (Kg): 200~1000 (customizable)
    Dimension (mm): 1200 (L)x1200 (W) x 1790 (H)
    Voltage: 380V/50Hz (customizable)

  • Static Separator

    Based on electrostatic principles, the machine enables the aluminium recycling plant to smoothly separate the aluminum from plastic, after crushing the aluminum composite panels.

    Power (Kw): 8.26
    Production Capacity: 100~1500 (customizable)
    Dimension (mm): 2030 (L) x 1450 (W) x 3852 (H)
    Voltage: 380V/50Hz (customizable)

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