1. Plastic GranulatorFirmly welded steel structure is used for casing the plastic granulator. The plastic pelletizer can be opened at the connecting position between the material container and the main structure of the machine, making it convenient to clean and remove the blades and maintain the machine.
    1. Vertical GranulatorThe vertical granulator has firmly welded steel structure and high manganese steel blade. It is a popular selection of scrap metal recycling machinery which serves to recycle thin-wall metal with thickness less than 8mm and then cluster these thin metal sheets into a ball.
    1. Heavy Duty GranulatorFirmly welded steel structure is used for the machine shell and supporting rack of the heavy duty granulator, which allows the waste recycling equipment to process and recycle material that is difficult to crush.
    1. Hammer MillThe ZP series hammer mill features of sturdy welded structure, its blade is made of high manganese steel, so it has high toughness and impact resistance. This milling machine is used to crush scrap metal (steel, iron, aluminium), household appliances, electronic waste, circuit board, gypsum board, etc.

The granulator is one of our most popular styles of industrial waste recycling machines. It is often used after our waste shredders to further reduce the size of plastic, metal and rubber wastes.

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