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Scrap Metal Recycling Plant / Fridge Recycling Line

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This selection of scrap metal recycling plant is mainly designed for fridge recycling purpose, and integrates crushing, separation and collection functions. It only applies to refrigerators with Freon and compressor being removed.

Controlled by PLC system, this scrap metal recycling plant is being real-timely monitored. The features include low energy cost, large capacity, great costeffectiveness, low maintaining cost, good product quality, and so on.

Production Process of the Scrap Metal Recycling Plant
1. The fridge recycling line adopts four-shaft metal shredder, two-stage crusher, and foam crusher for crushing the fridge.

2. Use pneumatic separators and special structures to remove the foam and dust during the crushing period.

3. The scrap metal recycling equipment separates the ferrous metal by a magnetic separator.

4. A vortex separator is adopted by the waste recycling machine to separate the non-ferrous metal from nonmetal materials. Conduct innocent treatment by removing dust in concentrated air and filtering the gas by activated carbon.

If you are interested in this scrap metal recycling plant for fridge recycling purpose, please contact us. We have a variety of waste recycling plants, such as scrap car recycling line, tire recycling plant, cable recycling plant, lead-acid battery recycling line and more. Please continue to browse for detailed information.

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