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Cable Recycling Plant

Production Capacity:200~10000 kg/h
Utility Model Patent: ZL 2010 2 0582466.4

The cable recycling plant is one of our waste recycling plants that are developed on our own. By processing waste cables, it offers a great solution for copper recycling and plastic recycling at the same time.

The cable recycling plant includes a copper-plastic separator which is one of our independently developed recycling machines. With rational structure and stable performance, the separator supports processing various kinds of power cables. Through processes such as shredding, vibration screening and vibration separation, it realizes complete separation between copper and plastic, which ensures maximized efficiency of our cable recycling plants. The separator features good cost effectiveness, dust-free producing progress and second pollution-free property.

Besides, the modular structure of the copper wire recycling machine facilitates the installation, test running and delivery. You can just put it into use immediately when you receive it. Moreover, during the whole production process, the cable recycling facility only needs to be fed once because the feeder's volume is quite big.

Custom products are available according to customers' requirements.

Main Components of the Cable Recycling Plant

  • Single shaft shredder WT2250
    The cable shredder is mainly used for the first stage---shredding the cable. The power voltage is customizable according to your need.
    Power (Kw): 17.2
    Rotor Blade Quantity: 24
    Stator Blade Quantity: 4
    Mesh Diameter (mm): Φ40
    Rotating Speed (rpm): 83
    Shaft Diameter (mm): Φ220
    Dimension (mm): 1585 (L) × 1100 (W) × 1800 (H)

  • Cable Granulator PC42100
    It is used for cutting, shearing, and tearing the cable in our cable recycling plant.
    Power (Kw): 45
    Stator Blade Quantity (PCS): 10,
    Rotor Blade Quantity (PCS): 4
    Mesh Diameter (mm): Φ12
    Rotating speed (rpm): 526
    Shaft Diameter (mm): Φ420
    Dimension (mm): 1800 (L) × 1800 (W) × 2400 (H)
    Voltage: customizable

  • Gravity Separator ZFS10150
    It is mainly used for retrieving the metals with different density from the cable granules and separating the non-metal granules.

    Power (Kw): 7.5
    Mesh Diameter (mm): 1000 (W) × 1500 (L)
    Dimension (mm): 2100 (L) × 1200 (W) × 1700 (H)
    Voltage: customizable

  • Dust Removal System
    It is mainly for the dust removal during the cable recycling progress

    Power (Kw): 8.6
    Dimension (mm): 1000 (L) × 1000 (W) × 3000 (H)

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