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Hazardous Waste Treatment Equipment

With the development of industry, the hazardous waste of industrial production process is increasing day by day. The hazardous characteristics refer to corrosivity (C), toxicity (T), ignitability (I), reactivity (R) and infectivity (In). The hazardous waste mainly includes:
1. Industrial hazardous waste is waste residue, dust and other waste which have discharged from industrial and mining enterprises in the production process. It includes metallurgical waste, mining waste, fuel waste, and chemical waste.
2. Medical waste, the treatment methods of medical waste mainly include sanitary landfill, high temperature incineration, pressure steam sterilization, chemical disinfection, microwave sterilization, pyrolysis, plasma, etc.

The crushing process is essential in these methods, and also is very important. It is the first step of hazardous waste treatment, which can reduce the material volume, so that the waste is easy to burn.

3E hazardous waste treatment equipment features of good sealing and corrosion resistance. The blade of our crusher is made of high-strength low-alloy steel, it has advantages of strong abrasive resistance and high strength, etc. The screen mesh is convenient for disassembly and easy to maintenance, it can meet the crushing requirements of different hazardous waste. Our hazardous waste treatment equipment is used to process solid hazardous waste, hazardous waste container, hazardous waste drum (200L), liquid and solid mixed waste, household hazardous waste, sprayer, paint can, industrial sludge, radioactive waste, nuclear fuel rod, and so on.

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