Plastic Film Recycling Line

In 2012, 3E Machinery reached a cooperation agreement with Hunan Lantian Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. to successfully solve the problem of effective recovery and utilization of MSW films. MSW film is mainly dominated by disposable film bags, with more sediment, grease and debris than normal agricultural films and industrial films. Before the MSW films reach the processing plant, they are sorted and pre-packaged manually. During the early investigation stage, the project manager of Lantian gave us three requests: Firstly, shred the materials as a whole package, reducing the wearing of blades. Secondly, water conservation should be achieved while cleaning is thorough. Thirdly, subsequent drying process should be of low power consumption. Through several times of face-to-face discussion with engineers, we came up with the solution. How we did it?

1. The film shredder is designed specifically 3E Machinery for waste films. The surface of blade rollers has high strength wear-resistant welding, to prevent the film winding and the wear of the blade rollers. The angle of the alloy steel blades can be swapped. The blades don't require sharpening with advantages of long service life, low energy consumption, large torque, high output and convenient to shred the whole package.

2. The friction washer and separation sedimentation tanks, made by stainless steel, can effectively remove the sediment and other impurities attached to the film surface. The waste water in the cleaning pool is recycled for energy saving.

3. The dewatering machine uses low-speed high torque screw and automatically controlled extrusion to make the water content reach 5-8%, thus solve the problems of high water content by conventional centrifugal method and high energy consumption by hot air drying.

The plastic recycling machine has been put into use and has been recognized for its performance. This is just a sample showing that how we keep striving to resolve clients' problems and meet their demands.

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