CE Compliant Waste Recycling Machines for British Market

Machines that are exported to the EU must follow the CE standard. Britain is one of the EU members. So it has strict requirements for the products' quality and safety. 3E Machinery went into the British market in 2005.

In addition to following the CE standard, how we satisfy English customers' requirements?
1. Equipment performance: the metal detector must identify iron block with a diameter that higher than 10mm when feeding material, even the block is covered by films.

2. Safety configuration: string-pulling type emergency power-off button is added on the basis of safety switches.

3. Details: screw that is used to fix cutting tools should reach level 12.9.

Detail improvement leads our success. 3E Machinery will take every order seriously, so as to satisfy customers' demands.

The basic-type crushing line that was exported to Britain in 2012

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